Cheap Phone calls to India

Cheap phone calls to India

Cheap International Phone Calls to India mobile phones from the UK

Very Cheap phone calls to India mobile phones from your landline using the access Number 0844 431 8126, only 3p a minute! Huge savings on these cheap long distance calls to India's mobile phones from the UK and it is much cheaper than using BT or NTL - Only 1p a minute to call India - any time, any day!

For cheap phone calls to India Mobile Phones dial 0844 431 8126
All Day 3p per minute

No Sign Up, No account to open, No registration, No pre-payment, No contract, No credit cards Required - Try it NOW!

What do you need to phone to India?

Right, you need a destination phone and the access Number.

  1. Dial the access bignr 0844 431 8126 and hear greeting and call price confirmation
  2. ...then dial  (India code: 0091) + (area code) + (destination Number)
  3. You're connected after a few second. Start Talking !

How do you pay for cheap call to India?

The cost of the call will be added to your normal monthly phone bill.  BT apply a 12.5 pence (inc VAT) Call-Set-Up Fee to each call. You just pay your monthly bill as usual.  No account to create or credit card details needed.  So for example, if you make a 5 minute call to India from a BT phone via access bignr which is charged at 1 p/min; Next time you get your BT bill you will see a call to access bignr, a duration of 40 minutes and a total charge of 12.5+40 min x 1p = 52.5p. Furthermore, before each call, telecom operator will confirm the current call charge per minute so you will know exactly what the call is going to cost, no unpleasant surprises!

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